Airspeed Announces Acro Camp 2 Cast

After a long and difficult process (made even harder by the outstanding number and quality of applications), Airspeed has announced the cast for the second installment in the Acro Camp series of documentary feature films.

Mary Macdonald is a web developer from Santa Cruz, California. She is a private pilot with 250 hours. She is also known to some as “Ruby Riptide” of the Harbor Hellcats, a roller derby team in the Santa Cruz Derby Girls league. She is the only camper who has a tailwheel endorsement, but she has never soloed a tailwheel aircraft or flown in a tandem aircraft with a stick. Her influences include airshow performer and aviation entrepreneur Amelia Reid (who taught such luminaries as Sean D. Tucker and Rod Machado).

David Klein is an instrument-rated 400-hour private pilot from Palos Verdes Estates, California who flies his C-182S for business over California, Arizona, and Nevada. He began a career in technology services in 1983 and later started his own enterprises in 1993, which he continues to operate. Aviation runs in Dave’s family. His father was an airline pilot for Western Airlines. Dave himself is passing along the love to his 17-year-old son.

Denise Isaacs received her private certificate in 2009 and has accumulated 120 hours of total time. She lives in Connersville, Indiana, where she is an accounting and personnel manager for a family business. She has had one aerobatic flight in the Grayout Aerosports Pitts S-2C. Her father, who is a pilot, is one of her greatest supporters and mentors.

Cornelius Funk is an 8,000-hour commercial pilot and antique auto dealer from Snohomish County, Washington. Corny has time in such diverse aircraft as the Douglas DC-3, the Convair CV-240, the Lear 25, and the Cessna 310. He has flown cargo and just-in-time logistics for private firms in Central and South America and in Asia at various times, as well as flown charter and air taxi in the northern United States and remote parts of Canada. When not flying, he records and performs using experimental musical instruments that he fashions himself.

These cast members (“campers” if you will) will journey to Ray Community Airport (57D) in late August to fly their very first aerobatics on camera as producer/director Steve Tupper, director of photography Will Hawkins, and others attempt to capture the experience.

Watch for more updates as pre-production continues!