Acro Camp 2 Principal Photography: Days -1 and 0

A busy couple of days here in movie-making land.

The crew arrived in the wee hours of Wednesday morning and then proceeded to stay up until about 0400L watching rough-cut sequences of A Pilot’s Story. I think we also made up a couple of drinking games (or calls and responses a-la Rocky Horror to go with the film when it comes out.

We then moved the crew and three carloads of gear out to Berz Flight Training at Ray Community Airport, where we’re conducting principal photography.

We shot B-roll and beauty photography through the evening hours, including some pretty dramatic time-lapse material of the huge thunderstorms that rolled through last night.

This morning, we were up before dawn and rolled the Pitts down the hangar row close to the runway to shoot time-lapse sequences around sunrise. Will Hawkins and David Allen set up the time lapse equipment and then Will and Shawn Viaggi drove around the airport shooting B-roll and other pretty stuff.

We had a near-perfect morning to shoot. Cloudless sky, good angles for the sunlight, plenty of time to get the Pitts into position, and a great backdrop.

Before putting the Pitts away, we had the opportunity to shoot some footage for Mary “Ruby Riptide” Macdonald’s profile. She made friends with the Pitts pitot tube cover, as you can see.

More updates soon! Follow this space and the Uncontrolled Airspace blog for news as we shoot!

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